Facebook Changed my Business Page

Did anybody notice the new changes made by Facebook? I am sure any one managing a FB page would know what I am talking about. I was really excited when I first read that Facebook is going to add more features to the business pages as I take care of one myself (http://www.facebook.com/Wavespot).  But almost a week back I came across an article about Facebook that said, although Facebook was suppose to edit the current business page features by the 15th of March”, it turns out that Facebook engineers couldn’t wait that long. Just recently the new features came online and I think its worth taking the time to pen down the highlights:

  • Simplified Page Navigation- “Profile Page & Business Page now has same Navigation”
  • Use Facebook as Your Page- “Updating a business page is now like updating your Facebook status”
  • Enhanced email notifications for Page Admins-  “Know when your fans comment on your updates”
  • iframes for Page Tab Apps-“ Bye  FBML, I am using iframes”
  • Photo Placement- “Show your customers your latest picture as and when they land on your page”

For details about each of these features, you can look in to Facebook or even better do what I did, Visit http://blog.entrepreneur.com/2011/02/review-of-facebooks-latest-page-features-for-businesses.php and read into the details. Another article on this Facebook facelift was published few days back on a popular social media updater website, the Social Media Examiner and if you have a few moments I highly suggest reading the following article: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-new-facebook-page-changes-what-you-need-to-know/

If I were to condense the article into one sentence I would say, Facebook has eliminated the difference between a Business Page and a Profile Page, in terms of features and management. The biggest benefit is that now you can actually control who should see your page who is barred, same as your profile page. It’s a very interesting rather intelligent piece of work delivered by Facebook engineers as this will make it easy for people managing a Facebook Page to do their job. Prior to this Facebook came up with “email Ids” as in your name@facebook.com which again was a very nice.  This is what is best about facebook it keeps on updating and changing things which is why it is still the most popular social media platform and people are still active on it from such a long time unlike any other social media site. Also this is the very reason why all the businesses prefer Facebook to communicate with their Customers, there is nothing droning in facebook although they never concentrated on creating themes or colours for the pages yet every time you visit Facebook it seems like a fresh piece of art


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